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MAIDEN VOYAGE - I am writing this my very first newsletter whilst sitting on a British Airways Flight from Zurich back home to the Uk. I had so many vouchers from cancelled flights and holidays during Covid that I flew business class. It's fascinating to see how my mind likes making up what privilege and being first in the queue on the plane says about me concerning the world. But trust me, I have sent most flights walking passed the plush, expansive seats at the front of the aircraft. I feel blessed and couldn't care whatever the seat. The treat is lovely, but I will get to the UK simultaneously as everyone else on the plant. I'm enjoying the appreciation of it.


I came to Switzerland to spend time with a dear friend. I've swum in crystal clear lakes, climbed some mountains and did the 2nd longest toboggan ride on tracks twice. The first time I used the brakes more, as the cautious adult in me had been told, the second time the 5-year-old came out to play, I whooped around the hairy bends, that feeling of pushing a boundary of "I could fall off here but who gives a fuck, if it's my time it just is". I laughed and screamed in my childish delight through the tunnels and tracks—tears in my eyes at not caring and enjoying the moment. The thrill of pushing a limit I didn't know. The good news is I made it. I was reminded of how seriously we make life up to be and deeply kicked me in the butt of how it need not be. How ingrained we can be in being cautious stops us from playing. Not just on a toboggan but in every moment. 


My colleague and friend Jasmyne Desbiens and I followed the inspiration to start a Facebook community called "The Flow of Life Community" we made it free so anyone can get the benefit of it the exploration of what flow is in life. We had our first zoom session at the beginning of August. We explored the nature of creativity, and when we are up for playing in writing, something always comes up to be created. As part of this venture, it came to me to do some interviews with many that we know in the larger community; Linda Sandel Pettit was my beautiful first one. For 45 minutes, we sat in laughter, exploration and curiosity about creative juice. Linda shared that she didn't see she was creative until she was 50 years old but realised she had always been creating on looking back. This first video is uploaded to the community Youtube channel called by the same name, "The flow of life community"  I have followed on with Rob Cook and divine Dicken Bettinger, and more are to follow. I've so enjoyed sitting in a quiet conversation of exploring without having to get anywhere. And in essence, that is the most accessible place to live life from in our connections with people. If we have a destination to get to, it takes us out of that exploratory curiosity of being open to seeing something fresh and newly insightful. 


Earlier this year, I started doing a writing course with the beautiful Jules Swales; it has been a beautiful journey of playing within a creative space of writing and what turns up on a page when the thinking, logical mind is put to the side and trusting the greater deeper intuitive side of my nature. Though the course is about Method Writing and learning these skills of a multitude of creative ways of words turning up on a page, it's been cathartic, revelatory and insightful, learning to use past experiences of my life but not to be them again. The very wise Jules Swales said early on, Use your past, don't be it. Use them as an unfolding in the moment of prose and leave them behind again. Holding the past lightly as a memory that is no longer present until we return and visit it was a painful process. Showing vulnerability can be scary until truly getting a whiff of peace, sharing it and walking on to the next moment, knowing I don't have to bring it. Using the past as a creative spark and being no more than that was revelatory. I've fallen back in love with writing as I did at school; it's just taken many decades for the moment to be right to put pen to paper again.


I've seen so profoundly that when we get quiet, there is a creative energy that likes to play in life. Whether it is making a sandwich, decorating your home, creating spreadsheets or flow charts, or art of whatever form, creating cohesive communities and society, it is all the same thing. We are creative beings. We tend to look at it from a limited perspective of "Art" being creative, missing the truth that everything is creation, even filling the washing machine - maybe sit with that one and see what you see; Tracy Emin got this. Life is creation.


If you would like to explore life and its endless creative possibilities for living free from whatever history you carry around, please visit my website and book a complimentary connection call.  


Much love and laughter.

Thank you for spending your time with me.                        11.8.2022

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