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How we work together.


We work on an intimate 1-1 basis from my home in Surrey, United Kingdom and Zoom.


We start with a 3-day deep dive intensive; I will mentor your mind and body - I work with you w-holistically.  Your one whole being. Mind, Body and Spirit.

In coaching conversations, we will explore how life gets created and how you came into being you.


By learning to play with the energy of life, using breathwork, creative and somatic work, cold water dipping,  your body gets to release and reset itself or we can just sit and talk, maybe walk the dogs and bake cakes. 

Once a month, we spend a full day together ( 5 for 6 months - 11 for 12 months) - You'll learn to play and create yourself - plant new seeds where the old no longer resides.

In between, you will have two one-hour Zoom calls per month and me by text. 

I am committed to you 100 percent for your healing and growth. Healing and growth aren't linear - it takes time and trusting the process - there will be tears and laughter, and we will celebrate all of them - it is all gold.

Let's discover each other.

Book a discovery call, and let us find what works together.

6 months The Naked Change - 3 day intensive, 10 Zoom calls, 5 full days including accommodation and food £6500.00

12 months The Naked Change - 3 day intensive, 20 Zoom calls, 10 full days including accommodation and food £11,000

Zoom calls are to be taken within the timing of the programme.

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1 full day, either in person or on Zoom. 10 am to 4 pm - let out for lunch.

6 meetings of up to 75 minutes of in-person or Zoom coaching conversation.

To be completed in 3 months or less.



Coaching sessions of up to 75 minutes of in-person or Zoom coaching conversations.

24 sessions - to be completed within 1 year or less

12 sessions - to be completed within 6 months or less

6 sessions - to be completed within 3 months or less

24 sessions £2112

12 sessions £1056

6 sessions £528

Vat  included. 


My time with Georgia was a true gift that I was deeply grateful to receive; I felt listened to and free to express myself without fearing judgement. I'm not entirely sure what I heard during our time together. Still, I can honestly say that afterwards, I felt a much deeper appreciation for my life, where and who I am, and a spark of excitement about where I am heading and what I want to create. The setting was incredible: it was beautiful, warm and inviting. I would definitely recommend gifting yourself time with Georgia.   J Young.

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