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The Document of You

You are a book of thoughts about the experiences of your life. It started being written as you came into being. It is a psychological novel created in childhood. It is where your emotional intelligence, habits, and beliefs are formed in innocence. Neurologically, you become wired in a certain way. Without understanding that we are negatively wired and have fundamental survival instincts, these habits and stories become embedded in our psyche. They become who you think you are from childhood to now.

The creation of The Document of You is a process of deep uncovering of what your habitual deep-seated thoughts are.  What do you think of as a rehash of yourself a hundred times daily? What's actually true about you now? What needs seeing and healing? What new novel wants to be written? We forget that the best novels have many edits and rewrites in their process of creation and often have updates.

You are unique, one-of-a-kind. You are gifts and talents just waiting to come to fruition.

Your Document of You is an adulthood knowing and creation. 

We step together into the place of creative editors and writers.  

We rewire you at a living level from a new truth. You will hear your soul speak.

Who do you wish to Be now? 


The process.

1 x 2 hour exploration session

3 x 1 hour creative sessions.

Support via text or messenger in between. All sessions via zoom or in-person. 

The Price.


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