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Georgia Bazin 
Intuitive transformational Trauma and Inner  Child Change Coach, artist, writer and explorer of possibility.

I live in leafy green Surrey with 2 rescue dogs, a 3 legged rescue cat called Pea, and 1 Jackdaw called Jac, a rescue.  I love wild water swimming, tennis, dance, art, creating, and laughing.

My exploration into the energy of life that lives us has been with me for as long as I can remember. A healer member of the Healing Trust, intuitive and psychic explorer, Interior designer, Advanced Kinesiologist, Qualified hypnotherapist, Reiki healer, Podcast interviewer, Writer and painter, and Advanced Transformative coach from Michael Neill's Supercoach Academy. Registered Practitioner on 3PGC.

My understanding of how I turn up in life, how I thrive, and where my flow, ease, peace, and creativity arise from is based on an understanding of how I create my life experience. My reality is only mine; everyone else has their own; this gives me emotional freedom, compassion and clarity.  I am lived by an energy and intelligence that creates and lives all things, and my life experiences, as a woman, daughter, mother, wife, lover, friend, explorer, creator, magician, solopreneur, spiritual and divinely feminine being, have revolutionised my life from being a reactive bystander to my emotional thinking into a life of flow, creativity, possibility and love. To be intimately connected to my life and myself.

One of my greatest joys is seeing people awaken to themselves.  My pleasure is to be of service to people, to hold them safely and in love. 

Love is what we are. 

My journey continues.

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