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Retreat from the Chaos


 Infinite Retreats

Finding You.

If you wrote yourself a list of self-care, love and support, what advice would you give yourself?

 If you had 8 things, what would it say?

Mine would say...

1.  Give time to yourself. Away from all the things that take up your day, away from the doing and the business of life.

2.  Give yourself the opportunity to experience true transformation, to live your best life.


3.  Explore what's truly your truth.


4.  Be open-minded and open-hearted and listen to the quiet voice inside you that guides you to where to go.


5.  Try new things, see new places, and meet new people.  See what you've already got afresh.

6.  Slow down and breathe.  Take the time to smell the roses and fall back into yourself and life.

7.  Explore what's possible, revel in not knowing what's coming next. Be present now.

8.  Trust.  


What you get.. 

A truly renewing and revealing coaching intensive. Exploring and revealing you to you.  There is nowhere we can't look on a transformational journey. This is doing the work with space to breathe and settle.


Stay in the chic lodge that resides in the 6 acres of garden.  Fully catered, with a continental breakfast, lunch and dinner prepared for you. You get to drop out and drop in.  Nothing to have to do but turn up, open-hearted and open-minded and open to new possibilities for you. 

1 hour from Brighton. 40 minutes to London by train.  

This will be your stayover home for the three nights of your deep dive intensive - come the night before we start to rest and start refreshed and for one night the day prior to our full day each month - dinner will be included on this night, breakfast and lunch the full day.

Our day will run from 10 am and be flexible, allowing for settling and integration.  


Retreat review

I am sure everyone at some stage in their lives feels LOST. I was at that point just before I spent the weekend with Georgia. I just didn't know how to get out of my busy thinking and busy life, the hamster wheel, if you will.

I kind of guessed that I might experience serenity and peace beforehand, as in the past I spent time with Georgia talking about how our experiences are shaped, where our thinking comes from, remembering we are the sky, not the weather passing etc. But boy, I didn't know how quickly I'd shift.

Georgia reminded me that I didn't have to take my thinking or life too very seriously. Her calming presence and her beautiful garden helped me to fall back into my body, and my thinking slowed down. So I was able to see clearly what was causing my angst.

We had deep, profound conversations & insights. It was so simple and effortless to see my thinking was affecting the quality of my life. It was an easy choice for me; I decided that I wasn't rushing anymore. Since then, my wisdom hasn't shut up 😀.

Georgia asked me on Sunday morning what I wanted to explore that day; my answer was: "I am done with exploring. I have got a beautiful feeling, and I just want to go & live my life".

I knew at that point something had shifted very quickly for me.

I must not forget to mention the hospitality I received from Georgia and her family. I was so well looked after and felt welcomed by all of them.

If you feel you are in a rut yet don't know how to get out of it then the best gift you can give to yourself is spending time with Georgia. I cannot stress enough how crucial it is to take time out of the busyness of life and be in a safe environment with a loving coach. You will see how things will shift so promptly.

All my love and gratitude.

Perin. X

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