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3 Principles
Not just evolution but revolution 

A understanding that there are 3 never changing principles - Mind, Consciousness and Personal thought. - SYD BANKS

A psycho-spiritual revelation.


There are many words for Mind; God, Universal Intelligence, Source, Spirit, The Divine, The Creator, The One, Love, The Void -  a knowing there is something that operates and creates all things.  It is the energy that enlivens and lives everything.  From this Formless energy all comes into being.  It is eternal, limitless, boundary less, creative, ever evolving and learning. 


Our awareness of how we get to experience all we do.  It brings Thought to life via the senses. 


There is in the stream of universal energy Thought. All things come into being from Thought.  We are thinkers, its is a gift human beings are designed with. 

It allows us to create subjective, momentary images and words in our mind. It's a beautiful tool.

It allows us to communicate and create. A constant stream of information data we receive from universal Thought.  The problem is we make it personal, when it is universal.  We are independent to a specific thought and the content. It's occurring to us the observer of the thought.   

We have freewill to follow a thought stream or not.

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