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No purpose to all of this !!

What's the fear of not having a life purpose I wonder. We seem to get really caught up in having to know why we are here and what it's all about. We try wracking our brains for the answer to this esoteric question. Another awesome one is who am I. And of course what's so interesting is as far as I see it is: why do I question who I am if I was so sure I am Georgia and all she entails. For me it points to an inner knowing that there is something deeper and different to the me in the mirror. Something I haven't been taught or learnt just a thing I seem to have a sense of all of my life. Yet humanity seems to tell me something very different, it's all about me and my solid life, the solid me, the bit that's on the outside. And all the solid things around me. Maybe that's the root of the problem and why the question who am I keeps cropping up; along with what's my life purpose. That deep down intrinsically we know it's not about the solid bit, that actually it's the unsolid bit that's where the answer lies. The part of life we tend to ignore because we can't see it, it seems elusive and not very real as a thing and OMG woo woo!

What if the only purpose was just to be here. Nothing more serious than that, nothing earth shattering. A really simple answer to a perplexing question. Living our lives just as creations creating. Then who am I doesn't really matter and what's it all about becomes irrelevant. I am just here, just now creating this writing and after I will go create a cup of tea and create looking at the sky with a smile and I will go on creating living until I create my death.

What's creating isn't Georgia, she is the named thing in the mirror with all the solidity. She's always known that was an image, secretly deep inside and that's where the battles always been between the deeper sense of herself and the form on the outside.

Who I am seems to be this body, but I don't think this is true, as awesome as it is, I have a profound sense I am something far bigger, more limitless and fantastic that is always creating how I am in any moment, that's what I am, nothing to do with who am I on a personal level. I could change my name and my body shape but I would still be what lives it, not the attachments and how they are arranged and labelled.

So what's my life purpose - Living life.

So what's it all about - Living life.

So who am I - Life.

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