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Spirituality wears Prada.

When we hear the word spirituality, we tend to look at it as a way of living our life. It is a doing thing to be spiritual. We have to act a certain way, being Om and chilled, meditating, doing Yoga, or breathwork, adding in some journaling and taking in some deeply connected walks in the woods. Have the essential oils gently wafting in the air. Maybe wearing a boohoo dress and a bit of tie-dye definitely wouldn't go amiss; then we would be ultimately spiritual. Because we are doing what externally shows everyone, we are practising our spiritual connections.

We are doing everything right to be a zen master spiritual person, but what if it is all missing the point. We are looking to all these tools to help us be spiritual instead of seeing we are always spirit. So it takes nothing to acquire, nothing to do, nothing to have to get us somewhere else other than what we already are. Source energy, spirit, having a human experience.

And part of that experience is all the dirty bits. The feeling fucked off, the angry, jealous, frustrated, insecure roller coaster that our living can be. And seeing that the experiencing of them is part of what spirit came here to see. And the nice clean, kumbaya, happy, loving stuff too. That we somehow think is all that there is to experience if we are healthy balanced beings. And look how we turn a crap day into something about us, something wrong with us, something that needs fixing, and something we have to do something about.

But we are spirit, having taken a body and are named, suddenly we are something, and we lose the knowledge we are just spirit always. Experiencing everything spirit has created.

So what's living you is living me and is living everyone and everything. We are formless energy, spirit, come into form, (matter), and the moment it leaves there is death to matter. But whilst we are lived, as a named thing, we can live however it comes to us to live.

If it's wearing Prada, go wear Prada, it won't make you any more or less spiritual. If you want to shave your head and have tattoos, wear a suit and smash the money markets, it won't make you more spiritual or less. Wear your boohoo; the same rules apply. You are spirit come what may from before your birth to after your death, the energy of the divine universe that never disappears in the grand scheme of things.

It is not about doing our living. It is about being fully immersed in our experiencing of living, knowing that we are always spirit, that our named experience will come and go but us; Spirit is happy in Prada, Nike, or Jesus sandals. ❤️

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